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What we Offer

Books Design

Children's Picture Books

Ignite young imaginations with our captivating and colorful picture book designs! Our expert team of book designers will create stunning illustrations, engaging layouts, and eye-catching typography that will bring stories to life for young readers. Let us create a book that will become a treasured keepsake for generations to come.

Novel Fiction

Capture readers’ attention from the very first glance with our visually appealing book designs for novels! Our skilled designers will craft a cover that stands out on the shelf, an interior layout that enhances the reading experience, and typography that complements the genre and mood of the story. Let us create a book that readers won’t be able to put down.

Non - Fiction Books

Present your information in a visually compelling way with our specialized book designs for textbooks, cookbooks, and educational books! Our layouts, infographics, and other elements are designed to effectively convey complex information in an organized and visually appealing manner. Let us create a book that educates and captivates readers, making your content stand out from the rest.

Coffee Table Books

Elevate your visuals with our stunning coffee table book designs! Our team of talented designers will create a visual masterpiece with high-quality images, unique layouts, and exquisite typography that will make your book a centerpiece in any space. Let us create a book that becomes a cherished showpiece for your readers.

Art and Photography Books

Showcase your artwork or photography in a book that’s a work of art in itself! Our creative book designs feature layout design, image placement, and typography that complement your visual content, creating a visually striking and impactful book that leaves a lasting impression. Let us create a book that truly reflects your artistic vision.

Poetry Books

Immerse readers in the beauty of your poetry with our thoughtfully designed book layouts and typography! Our designs enhance the rhythm and aesthetics of your poetry, creating an exquisite reading experience that resonates with your readers. Let us create a book that brings your poetry to life on the page.

Graphic Novels and Comics

Tell your story visually with our specialized book designs for graphic novels and comics! Our team of skilled designers will create dynamic panel layouts, compelling character designs, and typography that enhances the visual storytelling. Let us create a book that captivates readers with its unique blend of words and images.

Self-published Books

Get a professional and unique book design that matches your vision with our custom book design services for self-published authors! Our designs are tailored to your genre, target audience, and creative vision, creating a book that stands out in the competitive market. Let us bring your self-published book to life with a design that resonates with your readers.

Interactive Books

Delight readers with our creative book designs for interactive books! From pop-up books to augmented reality books, our designs provide engaging and immersive reading experiences that are both enjoyable and educational. Let us create a book that sparks curiosity and wonder in readers of all ages.

Special Edition or Limited Edition Books

Create an exclusive and premium edition with our unique book designs for special or limited edition books! Our designs include special covers, layouts, and typography that make your book a coveted collector’s item. Let us create a book that stands out as a masterpiece in its own right.

Travel Books

Take readers on a journey with our visually stunning travel book designs! Our expert designers will create layouts, maps, and images that capture the essence of a destination, allowing readers to explore new places from the comfort of a book. Let us create a book that inspires wanderlust and adventure in your readers.

Memoirs and Biographies

Tell your life story or the story of someone else with our captivating book designs for memoirs and biographies! Our designs capture the personality and essence of the subject, with engaging layouts, typography, and visuals that bring the story to life. Let us create a book that preserves cherished memories and leaves a lasting legacy.

Recipe Books

Share culinary delights with our visually appetizing recipe book designs! Our designs feature enticing food photography, organized layouts, and easy-to-follow typography that make recipes come alive on the page. Let us create a book that becomes a go-to resource for cooking inspiration and delicious meals.

Instructional and DIY Books

Share knowledge and expertise with our informative instructional and DIY book designs! Our designs incorporate clear visuals, step-by-step instructions, and user-friendly layouts that make complex concepts and DIY projects easy to understand and follow. Let us create a book that empowers readers with valuable skills and knowledge.

Business and Marketing Books

 Make a professional impact with our visually appealing business and marketing book designs! Our designs convey expertise and credibility with clean layouts, professional typography, and relevant visuals that enhance the content. Let us create a book that positions you as an authority in your industry and captivates your target audience.

Religious and Spiritual Books

Inspire and uplift readers with our spiritually enriching book designs! Our designs incorporate meaningful imagery, thoughtful typography, and reverent layouts that enhance the spiritual experience of reading. Let us create a book that resonates with readers on a deep level and becomes a cherished guide on their spiritual journey.

Educational and Textbooks

Create engaging and informative educational materials with our specialized textbook designs! Our designs are tailored to the curriculum, age group, and subject matter, with visually appealing layouts, interactive elements, and educational visuals that facilitate learning. Let us create a book that makes learning enjoyable and effective for students.


Magazine Design

At wedesignbooks.com, we have the expertise and creativity to design a wide range of magazines, including e-magazines, that cater to various industries and interests. Contact us today to discuss your magazine design needs and let us create a visually stunning and engaging magazine that captures your target audience’s attention.

Lifestyle Magazines

 Our magazine designs are tailored to capture the essence of modern living, featuring visually stunning layouts, captivating visuals, and engaging typography that inspire and inform readers. Let us create a lifestyle magazine that reflects the latest trends, insights, and inspiration for a dynamic and vibrant audience.

Fashion Magazines

Make a statement with our visually striking fashion magazine designs! Our designs showcase the latest styles, trends, and looks with stunning visuals, sleek layouts, and stylish typography that captivate fashion-conscious readers. Let us create a fashion magazine that sets the standard for style and sophistication.

Travel Magazines

Embark on a visual journey with our captivating travel magazine designs! Our designs feature breathtaking images, immersive layouts, and engaging storytelling that transport readers to far-off destinations. Let us create a travel magazine that ignites wanderlust and inspires readers to explore the world.

Health and Fitness Magazines

Promote wellness and healthy living with our dynamic health and fitness magazine designs! Our designs incorporate informative content, inspiring visuals, and motivating layouts that empower readers to prioritize their well-being. Let us create a health and fitness magazine that promotes a balanced and active lifestyle.

Food and Culinary Magazines

Indulge in culinary delights with our mouthwatering food and culinary magazine designs! Our designs showcase delicious recipes, enticing food photography, and engaging layouts that stimulate the senses. Let us create a food and culinary magazine that tantalizes taste buds and inspires culinary adventures.

Business and Finance Magazines

Make informed decisions with our authoritative business and finance magazine designs! Our designs feature professional layouts, expert insights, and relevant visuals that cater to business professionals and investors. Let us create a business and finance magazine that delivers valuable knowledge and insights for success.

Technology and Gadgets Magazines

Stay ahead of the tech curve with our cutting-edge technology and gadgets magazine designs! Our designs highlight the latest gadgets, innovations, and trends in the tech world with sleek layouts, dynamic visuals, and informative content. Let us create a technology and gadgets magazine that satisfies tech-savvy readers’ thirst for knowledge.

Home and Interior Design Magazines

Create a beautiful and inspiring living space with our captivating home and interior design magazine designs! Our designs feature stunning home interiors, expert tips, and inspiring visuals that transform houses into homes. Let us create a home and interior design magazine that sparks creativity and elevates living spaces

Wedding and Bridal Magazines

Capture the magic of weddings with our enchanting wedding and bridal magazine designs! Our designs feature stunning bridal fashion, wedding planning tips, and romantic visuals that inspire brides-to-be. Let us create a wedding and bridal magazine that makes dreams come true and helps couples plan their perfect day.

Parenting and Family Magazines

Empower parents and families with our informative and heartwarming parenting and family magazine designs! Our designs cover a wide range of topics, including parenting advice, family activities, and child development, with engaging layouts, relatable content, and heartwarming visuals. Let us create a parenting and family magazine that supports and inspires families on their parenting journey.

Sports and Fitness Magazines

Fuel the passion for sports and fitness with our dynamic sports and fitness magazine designs! Our designs feature thrilling sports action, expert training tips, and inspiring athlete profiles with high-energy layouts, captivating visuals, and motivational content. Let us create a sports and fitness magazine that inspires athletes and fitness enthusiasts to achieve their best.

Art and Design Magazines

Ignite the creative spark with our inspiring art and design magazine designs! Our designs showcase stunning artwork, design trends, and creative insights with visually captivating layouts, engaging content, and artistic visuals. Let us create an art and design magazine that celebrates creativity and inspires artists and designers alike.

Music and Entertainment Magazines

Dive into the world of music and entertainment with our captivating music and entertainment magazine designs! Our designs cover the latest music news, celebrity interviews, and entertainment features with eye-catching layouts, engaging content, and vibrant visuals. Let us create a music and entertainment magazine that resonates with music and pop culture enthusiasts.


Go digital with our interactive and engaging e-magazine designs! Our e-magazine designs are optimized for online viewing, with responsive layouts, interactive elements, and multimedia integration that offer a seamless reading experience on various devices. Let us create an e-magazine that captivates online audiences and delivers compelling content in a digital format.